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QuickSplint is the only multi-purpose, custom-fit, interim bite plane that takes just minutes to fabricate and has dozens of practical uses in dentistry. Whether you are a general dentist or specialist, QuickSplint comes to your aid to help diagnose, treat, protect and heal your patients.

Diagnose Treat Protect Heal

  • A New Way to Provide Better Care for Your Patients
  • For Immediate and Interim Care
  • Time-saving, Practical & Affordable
  • Dozens of Practical Uses in Dentistry
  • Helps Patients Feel Better!

Custom Fit Chairside in Less than 5 minutes

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Once filled with VPS, QuickSplint is aligned on either upper or lower teeth, and supported while the patient bites down. The VPS is seated within minutes, and after trimming, QuickSplint is ready for overnight wear.

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