Two Savvy Solutions for Implant Stabilization with QuickSplint

Among the many practical uses of the QuickSplint, is as an aid to minimize complications associated with implant treatment. QuickSplint is a temporary bite plane designed for interim care. The immediate appliance serves as a healing and protective aid that can be worn for several weeks under the dentist’s direction, until the patient no longer needs it, or until the patient is transitioned into a long-term appliance.

Developed for overnight wear, QuickSplint functions as an anterior bite plane and provides immediate posterior tooth disclusion. QuickSplint fits from cuspid to cuspid and can be quickly and easily fabricated for upper or lower jaw. A chair side champion, QuickSplint takes less than five minutes to fabricate.

QuickSplint is anaid to minimize complications associated with implant treatment

Posterior implant site protector

The QuickSplint appliance allows clinicians to provide patients with an immediate bite appliance the day of implant surgery. QuickSplint inhibits parafunctional clenching and minimizes complications during the osseointegration phase. Immediate posterior disclusion is achieved, protecting the surgical site from post-procedure trauma associated with occlusal force.

Anterior implant site stabilizer

The mighty bite plane can also be used as an aid to stabilize and protect an anterior implant site. QuickSplint is an immediate substitute for an essix device. Try this practical technique at your practice.

  1. Block out the implant site to create an isolation box
  1. Load heavy body VPS into the QuickSplint tray
  1. Take the impression
  1. Let the material set
  1. Gently remove the impression
  1. Remove and discard the block out material; trim for fit and comfort
  1. Re-insert the QuickSplint and check for fit
  1. Instruct patient on insertion and removal technique

With the QuickSplint in place, the isolation chamber helps protect the implant site from impact and direct forces. Parafunctional clenching is inhibited and complications during the implant healing phase are minimized. Patients can enjoy a comfortable, temporary appliance while at rest and sleep.

Here’s how to fit patients for QuickSplint

The Benefits of QuickSplint Add Up

From a dental practice management perspective, QuickSplint is not only beneficial to the patient and the success of the dental procedure; it’s practical, time-saving and reimbursable. QuickSplint is a low-cost investment ($20 per) for implant protection, especially for patients who brux or clench. QuickSplint appliances are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 and D9940.

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