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We are starting a blog as a way to share information on the topics of occlusion, parafunction and facial pain within general dentistry, restorative and cosmetic dentistry, implant dentistry, periodontal surgery, and endodontics. 

We do this because we believe our product, QuickSplint, can play a significant role as a healing and protective aid in these areas of dentistry.  We might also add any number of other topics as we are inspired to do.  But whatever the topic, we hope you’ll join in.

What started all this?  The Quick QuickSplint story. The QuickSplint story starts the way many dental products do:  a dentist invented it.  Dental floss, rubber dam, fluoride in toothpaste, the dental drill and many more commonly used daily tools and supplies started with one dentist solving a problem for himself or his patient1.  And so it is with QuickSplint.

Dr. Bradley Eli first invented QuickSplint to provide his orofacial pain patients same-day treatment and overnight relief.  “I was focused mainly on using QuickSplint to help show patients how they brux and to give patients overnight relief of acute symptoms.  The idea for QuickSplint came to me as a way to provide immediate treatment of symptoms and help to engage the patient in understanding their parafunction thereby improving case acceptance.  The design, unique features and production of device all followed my personal use over ten years, with hundreds of patients – I felt compelled to make it available to others as a tool to assist them as well” says Dr. Eli.

The original idea turns into a MIGHTY BIG idea. As we started sharing QuickSplint with other dentists, we were amazed by the response. And what we have learned from cosmetic dentists, implant dentists, endodontists, periodontists and orofacial pain specialists is that QuickSplint fills an overlooked need in dental care!

Temporary bite-planes or splints have long been recognized as aids in the diagnosis, treatment, protection, and healing of patients.  But they are time-consuming to make.  The over-the counter products did not allow for careful assessment and overall patient management. QuickSplint is a time-saving, practical and affordable solution and dentists are quick to recognize its advantages and many practical uses.

We will tell you more about the dozens of practical applications for QuickSplint, the mighty little bite-plane with jaw-dropping powers in future blogs. But for now, we just wanted to introduce ourselves and share our story with you.

Thanks for reading!

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