QuickSplint for Periodontics

Minimizes Complications Prior to, During, and Following Periodontal Surgery

Periodontal patients often have a lot more going on with their health than just gum disease. The oral systemic link is well-established. Many have heart disease, diabetes or are afflicted with a variety of health conditions. Some are life-long smokers or have otherwise lived a life of non-compliance. But that patient is in your office, asking for help — that is a great first step.

Now, for the tricky part, to keep the patient fully committed to the planned surgical path towards healing, despite the fear of treatment and the fear of pain during and after treatment. QuickSplint is the practical new aid that can help.

QuickSplint, can minimize complications prior to, during and following periodontal surgery – helping to improve the periodontal patient experience, and minimize complications associated with treatment.

QuickSplint Prior to Periodontal Surgery

For patients with possible parafunction or jaw issues, QuickSplint can be provided immediately to aid in diagnosis of parafunction and engage the patient in the necessary conversation about its possible impact on the periodontal treatment plan. If the patient is in pain, QuickSplint can be worn overnight in the days leading up to surgery to alleviate pain and relax the pericranial musculature prior to surgery.

QuickSplint Minimizes Complications during Periodontal Surgery

By using QuickSplint to perform risk assessment prior to periodontal surgery, QuickSplint help periodontists minimize complications during surgery related to jaw fatigue and jaw strain.

QuickSplint is the Easiest Periodontal Splint Ever

After periodontal surgery save yourself time and save your patient another 15 minutes in the chair, by using QuickSplint as the periodontal splint. With QuickSplint, you make the post-surgical periodontal splint before you begin surgery. It takes only 5 minutes and once you try it, you won’t believe all the time you will save. And you will have a better, more substantial splint. QuickSplint comfortably stabilizes teeth, and protects teeth, gums, jaws, and muscles from occlusal force, giving your patient added comfort and reducing possible post-procedure trauma and complications.


Diagnose Parafunction

Gauge the presence and severity of parafunction or jaw related issues before periodontal surgery.

Post-operative Healing Aid

For periodontal surgery, and other soft- and hard-tissue surgeries use QuickSplint to stabilize teeth and protect gingival tissues post-operatively. Download or purchase our Healing Pad for specific post-op instructions.

Address Jaw Fatigue

During long procedures, QuickSplint is prescribed to minimized complications prior to, during, and following long procedures.

Implant Placement

Provide QuickSplint the day of surgery to inhibit parafunctional clenching and minimize complications during the implant healing phase.

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