Frequently Asked Questions

Does QuickSplint work for all patients?

QuickSplint is a conservative first step in the diagnosis and treatment of a majority of patients. However, there are patients for which QuickSplint is not appropriate. Read all instructions prior to prescribing.

Is QuickSplint FDA-approved?

QuickSplint is FDA approved, patented, and made in the USA.

Is the use of QuickSplint covered by insurance?

The use of QuickSplint is covered by insurance. For dental practices submitting dental insurance forms, QuickSplint uses are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 or D9940 and do not preclude the use of dental code D7880 for a full arch appliance.

Is QuickSplint used on the upper or lower arch?

QuickSplint can be fit for either upper or lower arch; we recommend that you identify which arch has the more level tooth contact and make QuickSplint for the opposing arch. For post-surgery application, use QuickSplint on the opposing arch, and trim the VPS to be entirely tooth borne.  We have some helpful videos for you in our Video Library.

How long can a patient wear QuickSplint?

It is recommended that QuickSplint be used for between 4 to 6 weeks, until the patient no longer needs it, or is transitioned to a long-term appliance. There are circumstances where a patient might be prescribed QuickSplint for a period of up to several months, such as a patient that is undergoing a complex treatment plan where it would be impractical to fit the patient for a long-term appliance between phases of treatment.

Is QuickSplint only worn at night? Or can QuickSplint be used during the day as well?

QuickSplint is to be used primarily when sleeping to prevent pain or damage to teeth (or restorations) caused by nighttime occlusal forces. The prescriber may suggest that QuickSplint be worn during the day as well for pain relief or to promote healing from surgical procedures, such a periodontal surgery, implant placement, and third molar extraction. QuickSplint is not recommended for continuous daytime wear of over two weeks.

What is QuickSplint made of?

QuickSplint has two components: A) a rigid biocompatible plastic shell that is filled with bite registration mate- rial to customize each appliance to supporting dictation and B) an insert area to be filled with suitable fast-set Poly Vinyl impression material (VPS).  Learn more.

How should the QuickSplint be cleaned?

Clean QuickSplint daily by rinsing thoroughly under tap water. Dry the QuickSplint by shaking the excess water from the surface and allow to air dry. When needed, clean QuickSplint using an ultra-soft toothbrush or by gently washing with water. You may periodically disinfect your QuickSplint by soaking in a half and half mixture of mouthwash and water for ten minutes. Do not clean QuickSplint in boiling water, denture cleaner, or soak it in hydrogen peroxide.

Where can I find instructions for the professional use of QuickSplint?

Professional instructions for use are included inside each box of QuickSplint. Or, access the professional instructions online via our Downloads page.

What can I find patient instructions for QuickSplint?

Patient instructions for use are included within QuickSplint carrying case. Or, access the patient instructions online via our Downloads page.

Are there contra-indications for the use of QuickSplint?

QuickSplint may not be suitable for all patients. QuickSplint should be used with care in patients with jaw mobility of less than 25mm or greater than 60mm. QuickSplint should not be fit on or over broken or loose teeth. See indications for use, contraindications, and warnings.

Can QuickSplint be used for dental emergencies?

QuickSplint can be used for dental emergencies and acute pain as it relates to TMD, sprained jaw, tension headache, or other facial pain. QuickSplint is also an effective emergency splint for the patient who has lost their appliance and needs an occlusal guard while a new one is being fabricated. QuickSplint is not for emergencies involving broken teeth or trauma. Never fit QuickSplint over loose or broken teeth. Read complete product instructions before use.

What if the soft lining material disengages from the tray?

If the soft lining material disengages from the tray, return to your prescriber for replacement of the liner. Do not attempt to glue the liner to the tray.

Where can I purchase QuickSplint?

Dental practices can purchase QuickSplint directly via our online store or by phoning 800-760-0526.

Do you offer samples of QuickSplint for professional trial?

As a professional courtesy, we will provide one complementary QuickSplint sample pack which includes two QuickSplint samples to requesting professionals and dental practices. Although the samples are free, we ask that the requesting practice pay shipping and handling. To order your samples, please order via our online store.

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