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QuickSplint helps Oral Surgeons Respond to Jaw Strain/Sprain before it Turns into a TMD

Third molar extraction, long procedures, posterior procedures and mandibular anesthesia are all risk factors for jaw sprain/strain. As an oral surgeon you know the risks involved with surgery and you do everything you can to protect and care for your patients. But what are you doing about possible jaw trauma and TMD?  Studies have found that trauma during dental care can occur when the mouth is open too wide or for too long, resulting in strain to the masticatory muscles and/or sprain to the temporomandibular joint. If left untreated, jaw injury can progress to more chronic conditions. Studies confirm that third molar extraction is a known risk factor for developing painful jaw joint and muscle conditions

QuickSplint Allows You to To Respond to This Acute Patient Population

Despite minimizing risks for jaw injury during surgical treatment, some patients do develop symptoms. Until QuickSplint, there has never been a simple practical way to respond to this problem, and many “TMJ Specialists” will likely over-treat an acute injury. QuickSplint helps Oral Surgeons treat those patients with lingering jaw pain, providing vital first aid that can prevent the injury from progressing to a more significant condition.

Use QuickSplint for Patients Exhibiting Prolonged Jaw Pain

For patients whose procedure results in jaw pain and stiffness that does not resolve normally, QuickSplint is an immediate aid. Provide QuickSplint to initiate conservative, reversible treatment of procedure-related pain. QuickSplint discludes posterior teeth, compromises muscle hyperactivity and allows the condyles to seat with mandibular freedom of movement.  This encourages healing and normal function of the jaw and pericranial musculature.

Take Five Minutes to Protect Your Patient – And Your Practice

Patients who complain of lingering jaw pain at the time of recall can be helped. Take five minutes to assess the jaw pain (Use our free Jaw Pain Patient questionnaire). Address the pain using QuickSplint and the Jaw joint and Muscle Sprain/Strain protocol (JAMSS). QuickSplint provides overnight relief for the majority of patients presenting with acute onset muscle and/or joint symptoms, jaw strain/sprain, and similar acute conditions. If treated within four weeks of the initial trauma, it is estimated that 60 percent to 80 percent of jaw strain/sprain injuries can be resolved without further care.

Surveys have shown that patients appreciate care and understanding in addressing their jaw pain concerns, helping them better understand the etiology of their pain. And, if litigation were to result from a  jaw injury, you have demonstrated care and treatment in a timely manner.

Practical, Affordable & Reimbursable

At only $20 per unit, QuickSplint is a smart investment for caring for your oral surgery patients and an added measure of risk management for your practice. QuickSplint uses are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 or D9940.


Treat Jaw Strain/Sprain

Use QuickSplint and the JAMSS Speed-to-Treat Protocol to treat acute sudden onset jaw pain

TMD Prevention

Use QuickSplint and the S.A.F.E. Protocol for prevention of Jaw Joint and Muscle Sprain/Strain injuries during oral surgery.

Added Comfort for Bruxism Patient - Avoidance of Contact on the Immediately Loaded Implant

Patients who brux or clench represent a unique risk pool. QuickSplint provides added patient comfort, and doctor peace of mind by reducing bite-force on the first nights. This allows pericranial musculature to relax, avoids uncommon jaw positioning, minimizes the possibility of dislodging items or destabilizing product and helps the surgical site to heal.

Specialist Referral

Despite our best efforts, some patients will progress to requiring a greater amount of care. For those patients having a prior treatment history or with pathological parafunction (severe wear on the QuickSplint within four weeks) or ongoing non-responsive muscle pain, transfer of care is eased with QuickSplint.

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