QuickSplint: Accurately Diagnose Endodontic Patients and Prevent Pain

Diagnostic Tool and Protective Healing Aid for the Endodontic Patient

When your patients present with pain, they want relief. Now. But we all know it isn’t as simple as that. Where exactly is the pain? Is it myogenous pain or odontogenic pain?

Patients are notoriously bad at pinpointing a toothache, and even though they want speedy remedy, at this point, the practitioner doesn’t have enough specific information to provide treatment. That’s where QuickSplint comes in. QuickSplint is an aid to help you accurately diagnose your endodontic patients. Custom fit chairside in less than 5 minutes, QuickSplint is the solution for determination of muscle versus joint versus tooth pain.


Endodontic Diagnosis

Use QuickSplint for determination of myogenous versus odontogenic pain.

Endodontic Patient Comfort

In the world of dentistry, let’s face it. No one wants to go to the endodontist. Just thinking about a root canal makes patients fearful, stressed and anxious. The day of consult, give your patient a QuickSplint interim dental splint.  It shows your patient your concern for their pain, and it aids in speedy and accurate diagnosis of endodontic pain.  Post endodontic therapy, provide QuickSplint to reduce possible post-procedure trauma and complications. Your patient will value this level of care and professional service.

With QuickSplint, you can make the post-surgical splint in minutes before you begin surgery. To prevent acute jaw strain or trismus during a procedure, provide a QuickSplint for your patient to wear during breaks and immediately following the procedure, to relax and protect the jaw musculature.

Preserve Tooth Structure.

By providing QuickSplint for overnight wear post endodontic therapy, you create an optimal healing environment — immediately removing the potential of occlusal trauma and giving the instrumented tooth time to fully heal from apical inflammation. And because you know that QuickSplint reliably provides this space to heal, you won’t have to unnecessarily remove tooth structure as you have in the past just to avoid this possibility.

Save the Crown.

You know that beautiful crown that you had to remove to perform the root canal?  Your patient probably doesn’t want to pay for it twice. When you don’t have to remove that extra tooth structure, that crown will still fit.  Think how much more your patient will value your services when you can tell them that you can save them the cost of a new crown.

Practical, Affordable & Reimbursable

At only $20 per unit, QuickSplint is a smart investment for caring for your endodontic patients. QuickSplint uses are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 or D9940.


Endodontic Diagnosis

Use QuickSplint for determination of myogenous versus odontogenic pain

Post-endodontic Treatment

Use QuickSplint immediately after therapy to avoid having to cut down the occlusion on the tooth or crown

Endodontic Patient Comfort

QuickSplint provides added comfort overnight by reducing bite-force and giving the instrumented tooth time to fully heal from apical inflammation.

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