QuickSplint for General Dentistry

The Interim Dental Splint with Dozens of Practical Applications across General Dentistry

Temporary bite-planes or splints have long been recognized as aids in diagnosis, treatment, protection, and healing. But until now, there has never been an easy, quick way to make one. Enter QuickSplint, the chairside champion! Custom-fit in less than 5-minutes, QuickSplint is a practical solution for so many situations in general dentistry.

The First Easy to Use Temporary Dental Splint

General Dentistry_Happy PatientWhether you need to provide immediate pain relief for jaw pain or headache, protect new restorations from nighttime occlusal forces, or provide a measure of treatment prior to sending your patient to a specialist, QuickSplint comes to your aid. An all-around protective and stabilizing dental splint designed to be worn for up to 4 to 6 weeks, QuickSplint is an added measure of care that your patient will value and that you’ll appreciate because it makes your job easier.

Dozens of Practical Uses

There are so many practical ways QuickSplint can contribute to better dentistry and patient care: Treat acute jaw and headache pain. Diagnose parafunction. Take bite records. Protect new dental work. As a transitional appliance. Protect newly placed implants. Use as a periodontal splint. Use as a back-up emergency splint and more. Once you begin to use QuickSplint you’ll realize that it’s an indispensible aid.

Practical, Affordable and Reimbursable

QuickSplint uses are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 or D9940 and do not preclude the use of dental code D7880 for a full arch appliance.


Diagnose and Treat Acute Pain

Use QuickSplint as immediate, conservative treatment for acute joint and jaw muscle pain, and headache pain.

Diagnose Parafunction

Use QuickSplint as a visual aid in the diagnosis of the presence and severity of bruxism.

Diagnose and Treat Temporomandibular Disorders

Use QuickSplint for differential diagnosis of sprain/strain or other conditions of the jaw, joints and muscles.

Deprogramming and Bite Records

QuickSplint levels the occlusal plane and seats the condyles, allowing you to take centric bite records.

Minimize Complications

Provide QuickSplint the day of dental procedures to inhibit overnight parafunctional clenching and prevent possible complications associated with micro-trauma, trismus and jaw strain.

Posterior Fillings

QuickSplint provides immediate posterior tooth disclusion, protecting teeth and allowing the jaw to recover

Implant Placement

Provide QuickSplint the day of surgery to inhibit parafunctional clenching and minimize complications during the implant healing phase.

Trial Therapy & Transitional Appliance

Use QuickSplint as a temporary appliance until a custom appliance is fit and delivered.

Emergency Splint

QuickSplint is easy to deliver as a back-up emergency splint.

Specialist Referral

Provide QuickSplint to patients in your office today to show your concern with first aid until the specialist can be seen.

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