QuickSplint for Jaw Pain and TMD

The Conservative First Step in the Diagnosis & Treatment of Jaw Pain and Temporomandibular Disorders

What do you do when a patient presents with jaw pain? With the QuickSplint interim oral appliance, you can diagnose and treat your patient starting on day one. QuickSplint is the ideal conservative, easy to use initial treatment for jaw pain.

Immediate First Aid

QuickSplint provides immediate aid and overnight relief from many types jaw muscle pain and dysfunction, thereby aiding in differential diagnosis of pain. And because QuickSplint records bruxing and clenching marks, QuickSplint serves both the doctor and patient as an objective visual identification of parafunctional behaviors, helping to improve case acceptance. By observing patient acceptance and compliance with the transitional QuickSplint dental splint, QuickSplint serves as trial therapy, helping to resolve jaw joint and muscle sprain/strain or transition the patient to a full coverage appliance or other care.

Download our JAMSS Speed-to-Treat Protocol for Treatment of Jaw Joint and Muscle Sprain/Strain Injuries

Download our our S.A.F.E. Protocol for Prevention of JAMSS Injuries During Dental Treatment

Practical, Affordable & Reimbursable

As a cost-effective tool, QuickSplint is a smart investment for caring for your jaw pain patients. QuickSplint uses are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 or D9940 and do not preclude the use of dental code D7880 for a full arch appliance.

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TMD Pain Diagnosis

QuickSplint is the conservative first step in the diagnosis and treatment of TMD pain. QuickSplint records bruxing and clenching marks and serves both doctor and patient as an objective visual identification demonstrating the need for splint therapy.


Myogenous Pain

Provide QuickSplint on the day of consult as first aid and for overnight relief from acute onset muscle and/or joint symptoms of bruxism, TMD or muscle pain.

Acute and Urgent Pain

Use QuickSplint to initiate conservative, treatment of TMJ-related pain. QuickSplint provides relief and helps the patient return to normal masticatory muscle and jaw function.

Headache Pain

With QuickSplint, headache pain associated with clenching and bruxing is reduced by modification of nociceptive input.

Patient Engagement

QuickSplint aids in patient understanding of their parafunctional behaviors and improves case acceptance

Temporomandibular Disorders

Use QuickSplint for differential diagnosis of sprain/strain or other conditions of the jaw, joints and muscles.

Reduce Muscle Guarding

QuickSplint allows the pericranial muscles to relax, reducing muscle tension and related pain of the head, face and jaw.

Trial Therapy

Use QuickSplint as trial therapy or to initiate treatment during the waiting period from the lab.

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