QuickSplint for Restorative and Cosmetic Dentistry

Case Planning Aid. Interim Protection for Dental Work. Transitional Appliance.

Beautiful smiles! Restorative and cosmetic dentists are performing amazing makeovers. They make it look easy. But we know it’s not. It’s demanding, highly technical and tricky work turning imperfection into beauty — and it’s fraught with possible complications.

That’s why leading cosmetic dentists turn to QuickSplint. QuickSplint provides an extra aid and measure of surety at each step in the restorative case:

• Simplifying the process of taking bite records
• Protecting provisional and new dental work from nighttime occlusal forces
• During final equilibration
• For temporization
• As a transitional appliance

Restorative Case Planning

During case planning, it’s important to assess patient parafunction prior to selecting restorative materials. QuickSplint can be provided immediately to aid in diagnosis parafunction and engage the patient in the necessary conversation about its possible impact on the restorative case.

Simplify Deprogramming

QuickSplint fits from cuspid to cuspid and functions as an anterior bite plane, leveling the occlusal plane and allowing the condyles to seat. This makes QuickSplint a swift and handy aid for taking centric bite relations or for final equilibration. Forget the whale tail! QuickSplint is time-saving and easy.

Protects New Restorations – Especially Provisional Veneers

QuickSplint provides immediate protection from nighttime occlusal force and associated micro-trauma that can cause pain and complications. Once the provisional or final restorations are placed, provide QuickSplint as a healing aid and an extra measure of care to protect dentition and allow the jaw to relax overnight. QuickSplint is especially effective for protecting provisionals so they won’t dislodge and bring the patient back to the office for help. It’s all in a day’s work for QuickSplint.

Transitional Appliance

When the restorative case is complete, it’s likely the patient will want to protect it with a long-term appliance. Until then, QuickSplint is the ideal temporary protective appliance until a custom appliance is fit and delivered.

Practical, Affordable, and Reimbursable

Custom fit chair side in 5 minutes and at only $20 per unit, QuickSplint is a smart investment for caring for your patient and protecting new dental restorations. QuickSplint uses are reimbursable and conform to dental codes D8210 or D9940 and do not preclude the use of dental code D7880 for a full arch appliance.


Diagnose Parafunction

Gauge the presence and severity of parafunction before restorative material selection.

Bite Records for Restorations

QuickSplint levels the occlusal plane and seats the condyles, allowing you to take centric bite records without the need of a whale tail.

Final Equilibration

QuickSplint provides a stable condylar position when used a few nights prior to placement of final restorations.

Protect Provisionals

Use QuickSplint as an extra measure of protection so patients won’t dislodge provisionals and be back in your office for help.

Transition after New Restorations

Use QuickSplint as a temporary protective appliance until a custom appliance is fit and delivered.


For patients that you know are highly sensitive to occlusal adjustments, provide QuickSplint to help them at night through transitioning phases.

For Posterior Fillings

QuickSplint provides immediate posterior tooth disclusion, protecting teeth and allowing the jaw to recover.

Minimize Treatment Failures

Provide QuickSplint on the day of procedure to protect against damage from micro-trauma associated with nocturnal occlusal force.

Address Jaw Fatigue

During long procedures, QuickSplint is prescribed to minimize complications prior to, during, and following restorative procedures, and can be worn during breaks.

Emergency Splint

QuickSplint is easy to deliver as a back-up emergency splint.

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