QuickSplint Helps Patients Feel Better… Now!

For patients with jaw pain, headache pain, or patients who have just undergone oral surgery or a major dental procedure, QuickSplint is a new aid that your dentist might use to prevent pain and help you recover more quickly.

QuickSplint provides dentists and dental specialists with a new and better way to treat and heal a variety of dental problems. Similar to how an elastic bandage is used as an aid when you sprain or injure yourself, QuickSplint is an aid for many situations in dentistry where there is a need for immediate pain relief, stabilization of teeth and gums, or, anytime the patient needs and added measure of care and protection for teeth, gums and jaw. QuickSplint can help you start feeling better the first night you wear it.

QuickSplint works by keeping bite-forces at bay — inhibiting the full force of teeth clenching and preventing teeth from coming into contact. By keeping the teeth out of contact, QuickSplint allows pericranial muscles to relax, thereby providing relief of pain from muscle tension, jaw strain, jaw sprain, or over-exertion and spasms (which often accompany tension and migraine headaches).

Additionally, QuickSplint protects teeth and gums, newly completed dental work, newly placed implants, or other surgical or restorative sites from powerful occlusal forces – which can generate pressures of up to 250+ pounds per square inch. QuickSplint shields teeth and new dental work from this crushing power, thereby protecting teeth, gums, jaw from possible pain or damage.


QuickSplint Is Custom-fit in Minutes!

Your QuickSplint will be custom-fit by your dentist, on the day of your appointment.

You can take your QuickSplint home with instructions in a convenient patient carrying bottle.

QuickSplint is custom-fit for you in about 5-minutes, and your doctor will direct you in its use for your specific condition. QuickSplint is an interim solution that can be worn for several weeks, but it is not intended for long term use. It’s for transitional care, until you feel better, or as a healing and protective aid until a long-term device can be fabricated for you.

Patients love QuickSplint because it makes them feel better. Dentists love QuickSplint because it is a new way to provide better care for their patients.

QuickSplint + Jaw Exercises, a Powerful Combination for Reducing Pain

QuickSplint is often prescribed together with JAW Rx-ercises — prescribed jaw exercises designed to help you avoid daytime clenching or setting of teeth that causes your jaw and temple muscles to overwork and become sore.

Patients suffering from tension headaches, episodic tension headaches, and chronic tension headaches usually experience rapid relief of their symptoms using JAW Rx-ercises in combination with QuickSplint. JAW Rx-ercises may also improve symptoms and incidence of migraine headaches in some patients where muscle tension is a contributing factor. Jaw Rx-ercises are also prescribed for patients who are suffering from jaw sprain or strain in order to prevent the injury from progressing to a chronic pain disorder.

If you are suffering from headache pain or jaw pain, download and complete the Patient Jaw Pain Questionnaire from our website and arrange to see your dentist and review your symptoms together. With QuickSplint, you’ll be on your way to an accurate diagnosis, pain relief, and healing!



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