QuickSplint Works like an Anterior Deprogrammer – With Added Advantages

QuickSplint Serves as an All-around Dental Aid, Helping Dentists Diagnose, Treat, Protect, and Heal their Patients

QuickSplint works similarly to an anterior deprogrammer, preventing contact between posterior teeth, interrupting occlusal memory, allowing for condylar seating, unlocking interference, and allowing the pericranial musculature to relax and recover. Unlike other anterior deprogrammers, QuickSplint distributes occlusal forces across eight anterior teeth, instead of only two, making


QuickSplint more comfortable for the patient, and providing complete anterior coverage and protection. QuickSplint has the added advantage of recording bruxing and clenching marks so it serves both doctor and patient as an objective visual identification of parafunctional behavior, improving patient engagement and case acceptance.

QuickSplint, The Temporary Bite-Plane You’ve Always Wanted

Temporary bite-planes have long been recognized as aids for variety of dental circumstances. But they have been time-consuming to make, often expensive, and therefore often impractical – until now. Enter QuickSplint. Custom-fit chairside in less than 5 minutes, it is designed to fit a multitude of dental arch configurations and may be fitted on the upper or lower arch as determined by the prescriber.

At only $20 per unit, QuickSplint is an affordable alternative to more expensive anterior bite planes (ABP). And because QuickSplint is so affordable, it’s a great added measure of care for dental patients with a variety of conditions – but especially for patients that exhibit parafunctional behaviors or are undergoing long procedures than can cause jaw injury or strain, or where post-op stabilization is needed.

QuickSplint Has Two Components

A) A Lexan splint tray that is filled with bite registration material to customize each appliance to supporting dictation and can be fit for both upper or lower arch.

B) A comfortable liner created with suitable fast-set impression material. QuickSplint becomes completely individualized when the patient is instructed to bite down to level the bite registration and hold for a few short minutes. Excess material is trimmed and QuickSplint is delivered to the patient in the convenient storage container provided.

QuickSplint is designed to be worn for several days or several weeks – until the patient no longer needs splinting, or the patient is transitioned to the most appropriate appliance.


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